Dinosaur Timeline Gallery

Million Years Ago

In Jurassic period began the Age of the Ruling Reptiles. During this period, vegetation was greener and more lush. By Late Jurassic, huge dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Allosaurus walked the lands. Flying reptiles ruled the skies. The earliest known birds also appeared.

Archaeopteryx Dilophosaurus & Scuttelosaurus Stenopterygius
Archaeopteryx Dilophosaurus & Scuttelosaurus Stenopterygius
Plesiosaurus Brachiosaurus Ceratosaurus & Stegosaurus
Plesiosaurus Brachiosaurus Ceratosaurus & Stegosaurus



Camarasaurus & Allosaurus
Ceratosaurus Diplodocus Camarasaurus & Allosaurus


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