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Brachiosaurus brancai - Jurassic dinosaur

Oil painting : 30" x 24"

Brachiosaurus is one of the better known sauropods, belonging to the family Brachiosaurid. It is one of the biggest land animals yet found. Its name, meaning "arm lizard", is derived from the prodigious length of its front legs. First thought of as swimmers, the Brachiosaurus is now thought of as land roaming. Brachiosaurus probably had no predators, because of its enormous size; its defense was its size. Brachiosaurus was a herbivore, a treetop eater, that ate the most elevated plant material (like conifers leaves and fruit).
It swallowed its food whole, without chewing it. It could graze from trees at heights, no other sauropods could reach. This dinosaur probably traveled in groups and may have migrated, when its food supply was depleted. Like other sauropods, it may have hatched from eggs. This huge herbivore was twenty times heavier than an elephant. It walked on all four legs, but unlike most dinosaurs, its front legs were longer than its hind limbs. Standing at about 52 feet (16 m) high, it had giraffe-like stance. Each foot had five toes with fleshy pads. Front feet had a claw on the first toe and hind limbs had claws on the first three toes. The purpose of large claws is unknown. Brachiosaurus had small, tiny head, chisel-like teeth, long neck and relatively short, thick tail. It has high placed nostrils (on the top of the head), which is believed to have increase the sense of smell or function as a cooling surface for the blood. is one of the better known sauropods. Standing at about 52 feet (16m) high, this treetop eater has high placed nostrils which is believed to have increased the sense of smell or function as a cooling surface for the blood. First thought of as swimmers, the Brachiosaurus is now thought of as land roaming. It's small feet had large claws, the purpose of which are unknown

TIME - 156 - 145 MYA, Late Jurassic
RANGE - Colorado, Tanzania
SIZE - 82 feet long (25m)

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