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Brontotherium - Titanothere - Oligocene epoch


Brontotherium  - Tertiary period

Oil painting : 24" x 18"

The term "brontothere", meaning thunder - beast, was a product of Sioux Indian mythology. The Brontotherium they were referring to was a large Oligocene mammal, distantly related to the rhinoceros, and had a forked "horn" on its snout. Being larger in the males than in the females, this horn was probably used in fighting, much like those of deer and antelope today. The brontotherium died out as the great forests were replaced by grasslands where horses, rhinos and other mammals became more abundant.

TIME - 37.5 - 32MYA, Early Oligocene epoch
RANGE - USA - Nevada, California (Death Valley), S. Dakota, N. Dakota
SIZE - These creatures reached a height of up to 8 ft (2.5 m) at the shoulder.
WEIGHT - 2 US tons

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