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Dinosaurs - Anatosaurus

Oil painting : 24" x 30"

ANATOSAURUS anectens (formerly called TRACHODON)
Anatosaurus was one of the first dinosaurs in America to be named. Its name Trachodon, meaning "rough tooth", is derived from the rough surface on the tooth crown. Trachodon is now considered to be the same as Anatotitan or Anatosaurus. Anatosaurus was the classic "duck-billed" dinosaur, and its name was given to the whole group of these animals. The name means "duck lizard", which refers to its broad toothless snout. It is an ornithopod and belongs
to the group known as Hadrosauridae. Anatosaurus was a herbivore, it probably ate mostly conifer needles
and seeds. It may have lived in herds, like other hadrosaurs. Anatosaurus was the commonest noncrested duck-billed dinosaur in North America. It was probably slow-moving animal; it was a bipedal, but may have walked on all four legs, to graze low-lying plants. It had a long tail, short arms and a very long, flat skull. The front of its tough beak was toothless, but it had three rows of hundreds of closely-packed cheek teeth, that were used for grinding up the tough plants. Its long hind legs had three hoof-like toes. Fossils of this dinosaur are quite common and some mummified specimens have been discovered with the skin and even some of the internal organs

TIME - 77 - 73 MYA, Late Cretaceous
RANGE - USA -Alaska, Colorado, Montana, N. Dakota
S. Dakota,Wyoming.
Canada - Alberta, Saskatchewan.
DIET - Anatosaurus was a herbivore, with a diet consisting of various foliage & fruits.
SIZE - Adults reached up to 43 ft (13m) in length and were 13ft (4m) tall.
WEIGHT - Up to 4 US tons.

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